Afshin Mehrpouya HEC Professor ©gearstd

“Socially responsible behavior leads to increased financial performance over time”, or at least this is the mantra that has come to dominate business doctrine. Studies into whether this claim is true in practice have had mixed results, and, in their new research, Professors Afshin Mehrpouya and Imran Chowdhury explore why.

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Some banks are too big to fail, meaning they'll likely be bailed out by the government if facing bankruptcy. To avoid such banks behaving recklessly at the expense of the taxpayer, banking regulators have imposed safety nets, based on risk (...)

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Human beings are notoriously bad at making rational decisions. Even theoretical models designed to help you find the “right” answer are limited in their applications. A trio of researchers calls for a re-appraisal of decision theory, (...)

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Shirish Srivastava and co-researchers report that e-government prevents corruption in national institutions and service systems. They set out to learn: what can be done to enhance this unintended benefit and further curb corruption in (...)

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Larger firms often outperform their smaller competitors. But as companies scale up, how do different growth strategies affect performance? Pierre Dussauge and co-researchers explore the benefits that accompany different modes of (...)

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