Think, Teach, Act for an Inclusive and Sustainable World! @HECParisSnO par Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, HEC Paris

On 8th November, 15,000 scientists from 184 different countries signed a “warning (letter) to humanity,” urging the global community to tackle problems such as, notably, climate change. It’s the second letter of its kind, sent 25 years after the first such warning was issued in 1992. Unlike 25 years ago, however, today consensus within the scientific community around the urgency of the threat has (...)

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Business as usual? No more. Climate change, strains on natural resources, and growing social and economic inequalities mean that a fundamental shift is required in the way we do business, to ensure that the production of goods and services (...)

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Organizations can get burnt if they don’t respond to social and environmental demands; at the same time, responding can be costly. In their study, Rodolphe Durand and co-authors model why some decision makers respond to these demands, (...)

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NGOs and commercial firms often form partnerships. What is it that drives these alliances and who really benefits? Olivier Chatain and Elena Plaksenkova created a theoretical model to understand these collaborations better. They find that (...)

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Almost 500 people attended October’s annual SnO (Society and Organizations) Center HEC conference to explore new city models based on key alliances for carbon neutrality, inclusion and citizen empowerment. Speakers at the plenary session (...)

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