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In giving large compensation to CEOs, some companies receive criticism in the media, while others escape attention. Recent research shows that the companies under the most scrutiny are often those who engage in activities that media and other stakeholders perceive as contradictory, such as CEO overcompensation and corporate philanthropy. 

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“Socially responsible behavior leads to increased financial performance over time”, or at least this is the mantra that has come to dominate business doctrine. Studies into whether this claim is true in practice have had mixed results, (...)

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Some banks are too big to fail, meaning they'll likely be bailed out by the government if facing bankruptcy. To avoid such banks behaving recklessly at the expense of the taxpayer, banking regulators have imposed safety nets, based on risk (...)

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Whistleblowers are often condemned by society, but they can be key to uncovering scandal. Hervé Stolowy, Luc Paugam and co-researchers Yves Gendron and Jodie Moll uncover how whistleblowers can tell their stories to better promote the (...)

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Human beings are notoriously bad at making rational decisions. Even theoretical models designed to help you find the “right” answer are limited in their applications. A trio of researchers calls for a re-appraisal of decision theory, (...)

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