Growth strategy - Pierre Dussauge - HEC Paris ©hcast

Larger firms often outperform their smaller competitors. But as companies scale up, how do different growth strategies affect performance? Pierre Dussauge and co-researchers explore the benefits that accompany different modes of growth. 

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Business decisions are not always in line with company strategy. Researchers Olivier Sibony et al. explore what lies behind counterproductive business decisions and outline guidelines for designing better strategic decision (...)

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Railroads, responsible investment and solar panels would never have grown into full-blown industries without initial backing from governments. But how can nascent industries obtain state support? A broad study of the European photovoltaic (...)

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Photo: Poll lead by Terra Nova and Echo Citoyen (whom one of the founders is HEC alumni Quentin Sauzay) The relationship between cannabis and society is a long and deeply contested one. Throughout history, cannabis has (...)

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Transformation is a difficult challenge for companies. How can the art of storytelling guide companies through transformative change? Researchers Giada Di Stefano and Elena Dalpiaz turn to Italian houseware and kitchen utensil company — (...)

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