Mohammed Abdellaoui

Mohamed Abdelaoui ©HEC Paris

Holder of a Ph.D. in mathematical economics and econometrics, Mohammed Abdellaoui is Professor of decision science at HEC Paris and Director of Research at CNRS (GREGHEC). He is the editor-in-chief of the international journal T heory and Decision . He has also won the 2009 “Decision Analysis Society Publication Award” for his publication “Loss Aversion under Prospect Theory: A Parameter-Free Measurement.” His research areas are decision analysis and risk assessment, decision under uncertainty and microeconomics

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Articles written by Mohammed Abdellaoui

Micro-economics7 December 2016

Do people manage their time like their money?

Time and money are two valuable and scarce resources that individuals try to manage optimally in (...)

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Micro-economics15 June 2008

Loss Aversion and Decision-Making

Can decision-making under risk be improved without taking into account the difference in people's (...)

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Uncertainty accompanies most individual and collective decisions. Given the unknown probabilities (...)

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