Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Diane-Laure Arjaliès ©HEC Paris

Diane-Laure Arjaliès was professor at the accounting and management control department between 2010 and 2015. She previously spent two years working for Macif Insurance as social economy operations and CSR manager, and three years at Macif Asset Management as an SRI analyst. Arjaliès holds a Ph.D in management sciences from the ESSEC and the University of Paris West, Nanterre. Her research areas are non-financial performance measurement systems, socially responsible investment and corporate social responsibility.

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Articles written by Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Sustainable development raises great hope for companies. It is a breeding-ground for innovations of (...)

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Social & societal trends and issues15 October 2010

Impact of Social Movements on Financial Institutions

Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) have been carving out a niche in French financial markets (...)

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Tribunes written by Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Point of View14 October 2014

Who owns the money?

At a time when Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is constantly growing among institutional (...)

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What if you were to ask your bank for greater transparency in the way it uses your money? In this second part of the HEC Ideas series, Diane-Laure (...)

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