Giada Di Stefano

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Giada Di Stefano has been assistant professor of strategy and business policy at HEC since January 2012. She obtained her M.Sc. in business administration in 2003 then her PhD in business administration and management in 2011 from Milan's Bocconi University. She also worked as a senior product manager at L'Oréal's Italian branch from 2003 to 2005. Her research focuses on how and why firms transfer the knowledge that help them achieve competitive advantage. In this context, she is particularly interested in the role played by social and institutional forces, such as social norms.

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Articles written by Giada Di Stefano

Creative professionals such as chefs, fashion designers, or even computer programmers do not (...)

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While economic research has traditionally emphasized knowledge and technology as the main force (...)

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In a busy business world where everyone wants to increase the performance and productivity of the workforce, we tend to work faster and harder, (...)

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Her talk explores the social norms that govern behaviour when knowledge cannot be effectively protected as intellectual property.Giada Di Stefano is (...)

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