Pierre Dussauge

Pierre Dussauge ©HEC Paris

Pierre Dussauge is a Professor of Strategic Management at HEC Paris. He is a graduate of HEC and earned a Ph.D in management science from Paris-Dauphine University. Pierre Dussauge has held visiting positions at several top business schools in the US, in Europe and in Asia. He is the autor of several books on strategic management. His research focuses on global business alliances.

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Articles written by Pierre Dussauge

Business Strategy27 June 2018

How to choose the right growth strategy?

Larger firms often outperform their smaller competitors. But as companies scale up, how do (...)

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Business Strategy23 May 2014

Who really benefits from licensing?

Firms can enter a new line of business either by creating their own products or by purchasing a (...)

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Alliances enable companies to take advantage of opportunities, acquire new or complementary skills (...)

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Does the progress of management techniques and ideas result primarily from an accumulation of experience and some common sense, or does it also (...)

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