Itzhak Gilboa

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Itzhak Gilboa is a professor at HEC Paris and holds the AXA chair for decision sciences. He teaches a variety of courses in economics and associated fields. He joined HEC Paris in 2008, having previously held positions at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Yale University’s Cowles Foundation (United States), and Tel-Aviv University’s Berglas School of Economics (Israel). Gilboa received the 2014 Research Award by the HEC Foundation. 

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Articles written by Itzhak Gilboa

Human beings are notoriously bad at making rational decisions. Even theoretical models designed to (...)

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Micro-economics8 December 2016

Making Sense of Economic Models

Economics is not considered the most successful scientific discipline, to say the least. There are (...)

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In a paper that focuses on trade agents’ beliefs about potential market transactions, Itzhak Gilboa (...)

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Tribunes written by Itzhak Gilboa

Point of View22 November 2016

Analyzing Decisions is part of our Humanity

There is a species of sea urchins that begins its life as an animal but ends it as a plant. It (...)

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