Ulrich Hege

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Doctor of Economics from Princeton, Ulrich Hege is Director and Professor of TSE (Toulouse School of Economics) since January 2016. Prior to joining TSE, he was Professor of Finance and Associate Dean at HEC Paris. His research focuses on corporate finance, especially issues related to capital risk/capital investment, acquisitions and divestitures, joint ventures, domestic financial markets, corporate governance, and the choice between bank debt and publicly traded debt. Ulrich Hege is part of the European Corporate Governance Institute and Europlace Institute of Finance.

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Articles written by Ulrich Hege

Financial Markets15 April 2009

Sending Signals: The Meaning of Equity vs.Cash

Key Ideas • When acompany transfers or sells just a portion of its assets, market response is (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship15 January 2014

When should you spawn an innovation?

Each time an idea for an innovation emerges in a company, a question arises: Should you exploit it (...)

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