Johan Hombert

Johan Hombert ©HEC Paris

Johan Hombert joined HEC Paris in 2010 after working for INSEE and teaching at ENSAE (National School of Statistics and Economic Administration), from which he himself graduated. He holds a PhD in economics from the Toulouse School of Economics as well as an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique. His research focuses on frictions in financial markets, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance.

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Articles written by Johan Hombert

Industry in the US suffers from intense competition with Chinese imports. Now, Johan Hombert and (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship1 September 2017

How bank deregulation stunts innovation in small firms

Research has shown that deregulation of banking markets across the globe increases competition (...)

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Financial Markets16 September 2015

The Role of Speed in Today's Financial Markets

IT-assisted information analysis has led to a dramatic increase in the speed and number of trade (...)

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How do you get competitive markets when firms that sell an end product control the means of (...)

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