Jacqueline Laufer

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Jacqueline Laufer has an Advanced Educational Diploma (French DEA) in Sociology from the École Pratique des Hautes Études de Paris and a PhD from Cornell University, and joined the Paris HEC’s Human Resource department in 1971. Emeritus professor, her research focuses on women in management and on equal opportunities strategies within companies. Jacqueline Laufer is a member of the HALDE (French authority for combating discrimination and promoting equality) consultative committee, and sits on the management board of the Institut Émilie du Châtelet, a scientific institute founded by the Île-de-France regional authority to promote the development and diffusion of research on women, sex, and gender. 

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Articles written by Jacqueline Laufer

Human Resources Management15 September 2008

HR and Gender Parity

The 2004 Catalyst group survey findings point to a direct correlation between corporate financial (...)

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