Gilles Laurent

Laurent Gilles ©HEC Paris

Gilles Laurent has spent 35 years as a professor in HEC Paris’ Marketing department. He has published articles in all leading academic marketing journals. He was editor-in-chief of the principal European journal, International Journal of Research in Marketing. He has been active as Vice-President Publications and in many other roles in two academic associations, the European Marketing Academy and the Association Française du Marketing. He was one of the first two Europeans to become an Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute. He also served at HEC as Associate Dean for the Doctoral Program and Associate Dean for Research.

Articles written by Gilles Laurent

What impact does a person’s age have on her purchasing habits? Gilles Laurent and Raphaëlle (...)

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Corporate Finance15 October 2009

Cash Reserves: Both Safety and Strategy!

Key Ideas •There is a positive correlation between a company’s cash reserves and its future market (...)

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