Andrea Masini

Andrea Masini ©HEC Paris

Andrea Masini holds a PhD in Management from INSEAD but he first studied mechanical engineering at La Sapienza University (Rome). He teaches Operations Management and Information Technology at HEC Paris. His research focuses on the operational and organizational impact of technological innovation, with particular attention to renewable energies, humanitarian operations, and sustainable development. He also focuses on operations excellence in service and production activities.

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Articles written by Andrea Masini

Technology Management16 June 2016

Growth in renewables: not all down to policy

Governments have developed a wide range of initiatives and policies to support renewable energy (...)

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No NGO would be able to run development programs in disaster-torn countries without heavy (...)

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Technology Management15 September 2013

Renewable energies in Europe

Even though renewable energies are increasingly considered the energy sources of the future and (...)

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Tribunes written by Andrea Masini

Point of View16 November 2015

A route for renewable energy deployment

Professor Andrea Masini, Professor at HEC Paris, looks at the policymaking issues at the stake at (...)

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Business Opportunities for entrepreneurs arise as renewables energies come under the spotlight in (...)

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With the COP21 approaching, renewable energy sources (RES) are once again under the spotlight. They are one of the most effective instruments to curb (...)

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