Bertrand Moingeon

Bertrand Moingeon ©HEC Paris

Bertrand Moingeon is professor of strategic management at HEC Paris since 1992. Moingeon is a former visiting professor at Harvard Business School and served as deputy dean of HEC Paris. His research lies at the intersection of strategy and corporate social responsibility, and his publications include an article on social business models with Muhammad Yunus and Laurence Lehmann-Ortega.* Moingeon is the author of over 80 papers, books and chapters that focus largely on change management, organizational learning and strategic innovation. He is currently pursuing research on stakeholder experience management (employees, customers, suppliers, etc...).

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Articles written by Bertrand Moingeon

Socially responsible companies do not see profitability as an end in itself but as a way of (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship15 April 2010

Strategic Innovation is Accessible to All

L’innovation stratégique n’est pas forcément synonyme de start-up née d’une avancée technologique. (...)

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