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Tomasz Obloj joined HEC Paris in September 2011. He obtained a Ph.D. and master’s from INSEAD after undertaking most of his studies in Warsaw (Poland), where he also lectured. Tomasz Obloj is the recipient of the Wiley Blackwell Award, which is given to the best dissertation by the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management.

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Articles written by Tomasz Obloj

Human Resources Management10 November 2017

Envy at work: how organizations can improve productivity

Envy between employees can affect a firm’s performance. In their study, Tomasz Obloj and Todd (...)

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Many studies have established the connection between business resources and success; it's basically (...)

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Tomasz Obloj and Metin Sengul show that measures designed to incentivize employees to be more (...)

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Organizations often see monetary rewards as the best way to motivate their employees. In reality, it's far from being the case. Tomasz Obloj, an HEC (...)

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