Christophe Pérignon

Christophe Pérignon ©HEC Paris

Christophe Pérignon has been professor of finance at HEC Paris since 2007. He holds a PhD in Finance from the Swiss Finance Institute (Geneva). Prior to joining HEC, he was Assistant Professor at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). His areas of research are financial risk management, derivatives markets, and banking regulation. 

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Articles written by Christophe Pérignon

Some banks are too big to fail, meaning they'll likely be bailed out by the government if facing (...)

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Financial Institutions24 February 2016

Does danger still lurk in the banking system?

We all know the trouble with the banking system; like a house of cards, when something goes wrong (...)

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Financial Institutions15 April 2008

Measuring Market Risks in Banks

Can banks measure precisely the market risks that influence their position? Not necessarily, (...)

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