Bertrand Quélin

Bertrand Queling ©HEC Paris

Bertrand Quélin has been professor of strategic management and industrial economics at HEC Paris since 1989. He also directs the strategic management master’s degree program.  He holds a PhD from the University of Paris XIII. His research areas are transaction cost economics, economics of organization, new organizational forms, outsourcing and public-private partnerships.

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Articles written by Bertrand Quélin

Business Strategy20 January 2018

Does environmental proactivity pay?

For a firm to be profitable, does it need to listen to all its stakeholders? And what happens if a (...)

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Successful public-private partnerships create social and economic value. As part of a Journal of (...)

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Corporate Strategy15 September 2010

Real Options for Optimal Investment Strategies

How can companies optimize their long-term investment decisions? To answer this question, Bertrand (...)

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