Hervé Stolowy

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Hervé Stolowy joined HEC Paris in 1994. A graduate of ESCP and a certified public accountant (France), Stolowy also holds a Ph.D. in financial accounting from Panthéon-Sorbonne University and is a qualified dissertation supervisor. His own research and teaching focus on financial and international accounting, accounts manipulation (earnings management and fraud) and intangibles.

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Articles written by Hervé Stolowy

Whistleblowers are often condemned by society, but they can be key to uncovering scandal. Hervé (...)

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Hervé Stolowy and his co-authors look at the impact for companies based in non-English speaking (...)

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Accounting15 April 2008

Goodwill, Accounting, and Governance

How can the evolution of accounting for goodwill1 during the last century be explained? Hervé (...)

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Bernard Madoff used funds provided by new investors to pay some of his clients over many years.* (...)

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