Kristine de Valck

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Professor of marketing Kristine De Valck joined HEC Paris in 2004. She has been interested in online communities of consumption since her Ph.D work at Erasmus University (the Netherlands). Her research focuses on online consumer networks, consumer tribes, and the role of the Internet and social media in co-creation, marketing, and market research. 

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Articles written by Kristine de Valck

In our connected world, hardly any consumer would imagine making a purchase, online or even (...)

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Consumer Behavior18 May 2015

“Law and order” in online communities

People join online communities of consumption (OCCs) because of a shared interest, but they do not (...)

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Key Ideas • Spending on online advertising cannot be optimized in the same way as with traditional (...)

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Kristine De Valck and her co-authors analyze an electronic marketing campaign designed to promote a (...)

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Nowadays, most companies use social media for communication and marketing strategies. Whilst the social media phenomenon continues around us, (...)

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