Will openness and transparency strengthen democracy in the EU? by Alberto Alemanno

The principle of openness is set to fling open the doors of institutions hitherto perceived as having been created and operated by elites and hidden from democratic scrutiny. But will openness, meant to improve transparency and participation, really enhance political legitimacy and accountability so as to strengthen democracy in the EU? 

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More and more governments are tightening the purse strings and have begun linking the reimbursement (...)

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Financial Markets30 June 2014

Is it profitable to invest in wine?

A collection of fine red wines may be an asset for gourmets, but it is also an interesting (...)

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Creative professionals such as chefs, fashion designers, or even computer programmers do not (...)

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Business Strategy23 May 2014

Who really benefits from licensing?

Firms can enter a new line of business either by creating their own products or by purchasing a (...)

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Social & societal trends and issues15 March 2014

Do entrance exams for France’s Grandes Ecoles reinforce the gender (...)

Women are still vastly under-represented in all spheres of influence, from CEOs to boards of (...)

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