Sharing possessions helps counteract loneliness - ©Adobestock_Rawpixel

Loneliness and materialism are linked. In a recent study, Elodie Gentina, L.J. Shrum and Tina Lowrey investigate the materialistic coping strategies that can alleviate loneliness and its associated unethical behaviors. They find that adopting active strategies, like sharing possessions, leads to fewer unethical tendencies, while passive strategies, like product acquisition, can lead to more. (...)

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Commercial courts in France are overseen by peer-elected unpaid non-career judges. This judicial (...)

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The rise of imports from China in the 2000s’ led to a strong increase in American households’ debt, (...)

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Law, Regulation and Institution11 April 2017

Learning algorithms: lawmakers or law-breakers?

In everyday technologies, learning algorithms are becoming ubiquitous. They are even changing the (...)

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Social & societal trends and issues22 March 2017

The Importance of Being Ernest: Do You Live Up to Your Name?

Any parent can remember the subtle mix of excitement and anxiety accompanying the choice of their (...)

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Social & societal trends and issues31 January 2017

Colorado: when cannabis has created its own market

One is reminded of just how much has changed since the decades-long "War on Drugs" when (...)

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