The Dog That Did Not Bark

How can insider trading¹ patterns be used to anticipate large movements in stock market prices? Jacques Olivier uses his ‘dog that did not bark’ theory to explain the link between an absence of insider trading and stock market crashes. 

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Performance Management15 June 2008

How to Develop Profitable Services

While 50% of some manufacturing companies' revenue comes from services, other companies are (...)

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Financial Institutions15 April 2008

Measuring Market Risks in Banks

Can banks measure precisely the market risks that influence their position? Not necessarily, (...)

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Accounting15 April 2008

Goodwill, Accounting, and Governance

How can the evolution of accounting for goodwill1 during the last century be explained? Hervé (...)

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Corporate Finance15 February 2008

Capital Investment: Myth and Reality

Contrary to popular belief, capital investment funds perform, on average, less impressively than (...)

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