Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons share the arts market

From an economist's point of view, the question of the fluctuating value of works of art is intriguing. William Goetzmann, Luc Renneboog, and Christophe Spaenjers tackle the problem, seeking to explain what determines changes to prices in the art market—a market characterized by the singularities of individual buyers and its sensitivity to economic fluctuations.

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Performance Management15 September 2011

Private Equity Investors As Boosters of Corporate Performance

As company financing via private equity has increased dramatically in the past decade in Europe, it (...)

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Philip Valta empirically shows that the cost of bank debt is higher for firms that operate in (...)

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One way for established firms to explore new ideas is by making corporate venture capital (...)

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Corporate Strategy15 May 2011

LBOs: Job Creators and Growth Stimulants?

David Thesmar, Quentin Boucly, and David Sraer show that,  contrary to popular belief, LBOs in (...)

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Financial Markets15 March 2011

Limit Orders: Time Counts More Than Information

Ioanid Rosu has studied how limit order books (orders to buy or sell stock at predefined prices) (...)

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