Financial Institutions24 February 2016

Does danger still lurk in the banking system?

We all know the trouble with the banking system; like a house of cards, when something goes wrong (...)

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Financial Markets6 January 2016

Should we expect a new financial crisis?

With the fallout from the 2008 financial crisis still being felt, Olivier Klein, CEO of BRED, (...)

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Law, Regulation and Institution7 December 2015

Indicators, indexes and rankings: when numbers challenge legal (...)

The legal field has experienced rapid increases in the use of indicators, which give quantitative (...)

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As big corporations aim to reap the benefits of nimble, innovative startups, corporate venture (...)

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Financial Markets16 September 2015

The Role of Speed in Today's Financial Markets

IT-assisted information analysis has led to a dramatic increase in the speed and number of trade (...)

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Financial Institutions2 September 2015

Sovereign wealth funds: the struggle for accountability

Sovereign wealth funds have become some of the largest and most visible investors in international (...)

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David Thesmar, Augustin Landier and Philippe Kruger studied various approaches to evaluating (...)

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Performance Management5 March 2015

Buyouts: when ownership by private equity firms matters

Buyouts of various types of businesses by private equity (PE) firms have grown tremendously over (...)

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