What drives housing returns? What predicts changes in housing prices? According to Dragana (...)

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Micro-economics15 October 2011

The Art Market - Understanding Changes in Prices

From an economist's point of view, the question of the fluctuating value of works of art is (...)

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Philip Valta empirically shows that the cost of bank debt is higher for firms that operate in (...)

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Financial Markets15 March 2011

Limit Orders: Time Counts More Than Information

Ioanid Rosu has studied how limit order books (orders to buy or sell stock at predefined prices) (...)

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Financial Markets15 April 2010

Auctioned IPOs: Breaking Underwriter Dominance

Are IPO auctions a credible alternative to book building? François Derrien, François Degeorge, and (...)

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 Key Ideas • Empirical evidence shows that trade-throughs are quite frequent and are (...)

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Financial Markets15 April 2009

Sending Signals: The Meaning of Equity vs.Cash

Key Ideas • When acompany transfers or sells just a portion of its assets, market response is (...)

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Social & societal trends and issues28 February 2009

The Impact of Religion on Risk-Taking in the United States

Companies’ aversion to risk is strongly linked to the level of religiousness of the community in (...)

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