Point of View

When Chancellor, George Osborne referred to Britain’s fine economic health compared with France, in (...)

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Point of View12 February 2015

Tax havens: a characterization essay

“No more tax havens!” was the declaration made in September 2009 by Nicolas Sarkozy, at the time (...)

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Point of View14 October 2014

Who owns the money?

At a time when Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is constantly growing among institutional (...)

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An increasingly polarised and largely misinformed debate accompanies TTIP negotiations. After (...)

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Comcast’s intention to buy its rival Time Warner Cable has sparked, yet again, a debate over (...)

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Point of View26 February 2014

Can we fix the banking system?

More than five years after the financial crisis and the need for a robust means of financial (...)

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Point of View20 February 2014

Tomorrow is Big Data

The Fied of management is forever changing and presenting us with new challenges that we must work (...)

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Point of View2 November 2013

Regulating Tobacco in Europe

The limits of EU policymaking have been tested by the draft tobacco directive. Bold legislation may (...)

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