Finance4Good: How can Finance help address the challenges of our global society?

October 28th, 2016
Finance4Good: How can Finance help address the challenges of our global society?

September 29 2016 saw HEC Paris’ Society & Organizations Center  (SnO) and HEC Alumni organize “Finance4Good”, a daylong conference on the ever-evolving relationship between the world of finance and society. Following up on last year’s successful Climate for Change conference, this second annual gathering saw Michel Camdessus, Knut Norheim Kjaer, Arunma Oteh, Bertrand Badre and other major speakers discuss key global issues. These included the role of the financial sector in the context of the current energy transition; the difficult face-off between financial incentive and inclusive growth; and the need for financial innovations destined to create a more sustainable society. Over 700 hundred people witnessed and partook in lively debates questioning. We invite you to read the summaries of the six thematic round-tables by clicking on the links below.

Banking on values
Can banks contributes to the real economy?

Finance to serve development
Can finance change the world and eliminate poverty?

Finance4good - rizière madagascar

Regulating Finance
How tackling complexity to regulate finance?

Finance4Good - regulating finance

Financing a low carbon economy
in a context of low commodity prices: market or government support scheme?

Finance4Good - low carbon

No more banks
How are new business models challenging the traditional banking industry?

Finance4Good- no more banks

Financing innovation
How efficient are startup incubators and business accelerators?

Finance4good - financing innovation