The local effects of bankruptcy - ©AdobeStock_sas

What are the local impacts of firms being liquidated? In a new paper, Professors Bernstein, Colonnelli, Giroud and Iverson show that it negatively affects the activity of closely located firms, mainly through a reduction in consumer traffic and a decrease in knowledge spillover. As a consequence, judges should take into account those negative spillovers when deciding whether or not to liquidate a (...)

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Successful public-private partnerships create social and economic value. As part of a Journal of (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship10 April 2017

Can algorithms measure creativity?

Creative breakthroughs in art, music, and science profoundly impact society, and yet our (...)

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Human Resources Management30 March 2017

Why people make more of an effort to help than you might expect

Whether it is feedback on an ongoing project or a reference letter for a job application, we could (...)

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Human Resources Management17 February 2017

How to structure teams for optimal performance

Should teams be hierarchical, with clear task delegation, or should they be flexible and (...)

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The largest international accounting firms have no trouble attracting applicants despite the (...)

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Micro-economics8 December 2016

Making Sense of Economic Models

Economics is not considered the most successful scientific discipline, to say the least. There are (...)

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Micro-economics7 December 2016

Do people manage their time like their money?

Time and money are two valuable and scarce resources that individuals try to manage optimally in (...)

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