pregnant woman at work - Women Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Auditing

Key Ideas • The ‘up or out ’model prevents mothers fro moving up in the company hierarchy • Women follow a typical career paths to reconcile maternity with a career in auditing • It is no longer a ‘women’s issue’, as young male auditors now want to spend more time in their role as fathers. 

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Business Strategy15 October 2008

No crystal ball? No big deal!

Key ideas: • Divide projects into parts and only use traditional planning for areas where all is (...)

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Human Resources Management15 September 2008

HR and Gender Parity

The 2004 Catalyst group survey findings point to a direct correlation between corporate financial (...)

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Leadership & Management15 September 2008

Transparency and Responsibility

Should managers be expected to be able to account for each and every one of their actions? As far (...)

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Micro-economics15 June 2008

Loss Aversion and Decision-Making

Can decision-making under risk be improved without taking into account the difference in people's (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship15 June 2008

Radical Innovations in Major Companies

How do major companies develop disruptive innovations to boost their activities? By creating a (...)

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A disquieting statistic from a 1969 study (Adams & Kobayashi) puts the expatriate failure rate (...)

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Organizations15 February 2008

Mobile Companies

How have mobile technologies changed the face of organizations? And what are the inherent (...)

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