How to structure teams for optimal performance - HEC Paris Professor Sri Kudaravalli ©Fotolia-adrian_ilie825

Should teams be hierarchical, with clear task delegation, or should they be flexible and self-organizing? So far, literature and practice offer as many examples as counter-examples in favor of each model. By distinguishing between the types of tasks and the coordination each require, a new study of software development teams is able to recommend the best configuration for successful teamwork – a (...)

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The largest international accounting firms have no trouble attracting applicants despite the (...)

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Human Resources Management21 January 2016

Employee mobility: the good and the bad for business

Hiring new talent seems good for business: you get fresh ideas, specialist skills and your pick of (...)

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Human Resources Management8 January 2015

Employer brand : The value of a name

A study shows that prestigious firms can hire the best people without having to pay more than the (...)

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Human Resources Management11 December 2014

New Perspectives on Staff Turnover in the IT Field

An average staff turnover rate of 20%  combined with fewer people training for the field and (...)

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Human Resources Management14 September 2014

Do optimistic executives get paid less?

The pay of senior executives has long been a hot-button issue in management. But, for the first (...)

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Tomasz Obloj and Metin Sengul show that measures designed to incentivize employees to be more (...)

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Human Resources Management15 June 2009

Sales Force Compensation: The Weight of the Net

Key Ideas •To ensure that sales force remain motivated, companies should increase the variable (...)

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