Kickstarter study reveals the crowd often prefers to play it safe - Cathy Yang, HEC Paris ©vectortone-Adobestock

The online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has the reputation of helping innovative start-ups get funding. Cathy Yang and her co-authors find, however, that innovative ideas — products that were both novel and useful — actually receive significantly less funding from this platform than other projects. What are the implications for entrepreneurs?

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship1 September 2017

How bank deregulation stunts innovation in small firms

Research has shown that deregulation of banking markets across the globe increases competition (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship10 April 2017

Can algorithms measure creativity?

Creative breakthroughs in art, music, and science profoundly impact society, and yet our (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship3 May 2016

How knowledge can stimulate but also impede creativity

An insightful study provides a response to the long-standing question of why people's creativity (...)

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As big corporations aim to reap the benefits of nimble, innovative startups, corporate venture (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship18 December 2014

How to enhance the deployment of innovation in a multinational (...)

When developing innovations, multinational corporations (MNCs) are faced with two risks: create (...)

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Thomas Paris and his co-authors show how technological breakthroughs are assimilated into the (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship15 January 2014

To prosper in a crisis, adopt the strategy of large family businesses!

Family businesses are full of surprises. They have very strong roots while being highly (...)

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