CEO compensation: does shareholder “say on pay” reduce “fat cat” fury? © Fotolia - studiostoks

New research reveals that corporate regulations introduced in the UK in 2002 have helped keep CEO and director remuneration transparent, accountable and linked to performance. Analyses by Walid Alissa indicate that shareholders demonstrate sophistication in their ‘say on pay’ vote while boards do respond, albeit selectively when company performance is poor. He argues the regulations found a (...)

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Socially responsible companies do not see profitability as an end in itself but as a way of (...)

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Leadership & Management12 November 2015

How personality traits influence sensitivity to technostress

A groundbreaking study looks at the positive and negative effects of "technostress (...)

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Leadership & Management12 November 2014

How leaders emerge in online communities

Without a formal hierarchy or assigned tasks, how do members of online communities collaborate to (...)

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Leadership & Management15 March 2011

Anger in the Workplace Men vs. Women: Unequal rage?

What if Segolene Royal lost the 2007 presidential election simply because she lost her temper with (...)

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Leadership & Management15 October 2010

How to Find Good Crisis Leaders before Trouble Strikes

Amy Sommer and her research partners have developed a tool—the C-LEAD scale*—to identify people (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship14 September 2010

Promoting Creativity: Same-Discipline vs Cross-Discipline (...)

How does creativity work? Kevyn Yong’s work extends today’s understanding of the notion by (...)

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In a team, where does the feeling of safety come from, and how do social ties between team members (...)

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