Super Leader - A good leader in a time of crisis

Amy Sommer and her research partners have developed a tool—the C-LEAD scale*—to identify people likely to make good crisis leaders. In contrast to general leadership assessment tools, C-LEAD effectively detects people’s capacity to process information and make good decisions, despite high pressures. C-LEAD also reveals motivation and willingness to lead in crisis situations, both of which (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship14 September 2010

Promoting Creativity: Same-Discipline vs Cross-Discipline (...)

How does creativity work? Kevyn Yong’s work extends today’s understanding of the notion by (...)

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In a team, where does the feeling of safety come from, and how do social ties between team members (...)

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Leadership & Management15 February 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, Who Can You Trust?

Across the globe, Michael Segalla was surprised to find that business managers trust strangers (...)

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