Growth in renewables: not all down to policy - ©Fotolia - @nt

Governments have developed a wide range of initiatives and policies to support renewable energy generation as a key element of a low carbon future. At first glance, they seem to have worked, as renewable technologies have enjoyed significant growth. But new statistical analyses by Syed Basher, Andrea Masini and Sam Aflaki suggest more complex dynamics: policy is not the only driver for the (...)

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Thomas Paris and his co-authors show how technological breakthroughs are assimilated into the (...)

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Technology Management15 September 2013

Renewable energies in Europe

Even though renewable energies are increasingly considered the energy sources of the future and (...)

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Law, Regulation and Institution15 January 2013

R&D collaboration

University scientists and private firms are increasingly keen to engage in joint entrepreneurship, (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship15 January 2012

Intellectual property: to share or not to share?

Appropriating the new technologies of another company is always beneficial for imitators and (...)

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