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  • Book Truck on March 29

    From 1 to 2 pm in Building S The library invites HEC students and staff to borrow books and tablets from its Book Truck on Thursday 23 November, from 12 to 1pm, in Building S. It's particularly convenient for students and staff who work in this building. They can get custumised services : reading advice, borrowing books pre-reserved or books the library select...
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  • Movie : "C'est quoi le bonheur pour vous ?"

    On March 20 at 1 pm in  Blondeau Amphitheatre

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  • Café-livre on March 1st

    The library is organising a  'Café-livre' on Thursday, the 1st of February, at 1 pm at the library. It's an opportunity for you to informally discuss books you've enjoyed reading, around a cup of coffee. You are also welcome to come along just to listen!  Please register to this event by email at The ses...
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  • Access unlimited to LesEchosEtudes !

    Good news! The library subscription to the database LesEchosEtudes is now open to the whole editor package. It means you have access to many more market studies in a wider range of market area. Here is a short description : Contents - A selection of about 80 studies i...
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