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  • Whit Monday : library opening

    Pentecost  On the Whit Monday, June 5th, the library will be open at the usual hours but without the research assistance service. For any help or advice, please leave your question on we will get back to you on Tuesday ! Good weekend to all,
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  • May 25th : Limited service

    On Thursday May 25, the library will be open but with a limited service (no research assistance) Thank you for your understanding
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  • Financial Times : upgrading your access mode

    Your FT Single Sign-on feature On the 10th May 2017, we will improve your Financial Times experience by upgrading your Single Sign-on feature at HEC Paris. Single Sign-on (SSO) is a service that allows you to access multiple applications with the same username and password. To complete the upgrade : Clear your cache and cookies from your internet browser...
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  • Boom HEC : closing at 7:30pm on May 12

    Boom HEC 2017 Due to the HEC Boom which will to be held in the Hall of Honor tonight, the library will be exceptionally closed at 7:30 pm. Reopening Friday morning at 6:30. Enjoy the party !
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  • MBAT : closing at 7:30pm on May 4 and 5

    Due to the MBAT events in the Hall d'Honneur, the library will be exceptionally closed on Thursay May 4 and Friday May 5, from 7.30 pm to 6 am. Thank you for your understanding,
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