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  • eBook Collection

    - Ebsco

    Selection of digital books in Management Science

    Contents 131 e-books selected by HEC Paris Library
    Areas Management science, economics

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  • Echos Etudes (ex Eurostaf)

    - Les Echos Group

    Market studies from France

    Contents - A selection of about 80 studies in the following areas: - Food, automobile, construction, real estate, banking, insurance, beauty, consumer goods, strategic management, communication, media, distribution, defense, aeronautics, energy, environment, IT, electronics, logistics, transportation, luxury, fashion, management, consumption patterns, new trends, sectoral views, health pharmacy, health and medico-social services, tourism, leisure sport, ICT. 
    Coverage From 2005 Technical Info Studies can not be downloaded or printed
    Access On-site and remote
    Privacy policy - LES ECHOS collects data and keeps statistics on its visitors and their navigation on its website. If you want to access, modify and delete this data, please contact If you have any concern, please contact

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  • Econlit

    - EBSCO

    Summaries of academic articles from the American Economic Association


    - 1 million summaries of articles from 600 academic journal

    - Full text of journal articles from the American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature and the Journal of Economic Perspectives 

    - Book reports and thesis abstracts 

    Subject areas 

    Economy, finance 


    Abstracts: from1969.

    Dissertation abstracts from 1987

    Book reports from 1994. 

    Technical Info

    Access to mobile site 


    On-site and remote 

    Other information

    Access all EBSCO databases subscribed to by the HEC Paris Library

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  • EconPapers

    - RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)

    Research Papers in Economics

    Contents Research Papers in Economics from research institutions worldwide. Integration of research papers from HEC Paris. 
    Access Open access database

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  • EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service)

    - EBSCO

    Integrated search engine.

    Allows you to explore 11 electronic resources from the library at once via a common interface: books, academic and current affairs articles, market studies, and working papers.

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  • EIU City Data

    - The Economist intelligence unit, Bureau Van Dijk

    Information on the prices of products and services in 140 cities worldwide


    - Information on the prices of 160 goods and services in 140 cities around the world 

    - Economic indicators at national level, such as the inflation rate 

    - Costs of companies and the respective consumption costs. 

    Subject areas 

    • Food products
    • Alcoholic beverages 
    • Household equipment and routine maintenance of the house 
    • Cleaning products
    • Tobacco 
    • Clothing 
    • Energy 
    • Domestic services 
    • Leisure 
    • Transport 
    • Residential and office rents
    • International schools, health and sports 
    • Business travel costs
    • Wages and disposable income 

    Coverage : From 1990 
    Access : Only from HEC Paris network only (with no export)

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  • EIU country data

    - The Economist Intelligence Unit, Bureau Van Dijk

    Indicators and forecasts for 201 countries

    - Macro-economic indicators from 1980
    - Five year forecasts, and up to 2030 for the 82 major markets.
    - 317 series for 201 countries and 45 regions and regional aggregates.

    Subject areas:

    • Gross Domestic Product
    • Fiscal and monetary policy indicators
    • Demographic indices and income
    • International payments
    • External debt
    • Service of external debt
    • External trade

    From 1980 and 5 year forecasts

    From the HEC Paris network only (with no export)

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  • EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts

    - The Economist Intelligence Unit, Bureau Van Dijk

    International sectoral forecasts

    - International sectoral forecast for 5 years (main economic variables up to 2030)
    - 450 series are available for 60 major markets.
    - Historical data.


    • Financial Services 
    • Automobile 
    • Energy 
    • Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry 
    • Technology sector 
    • Consumer goods 
    • Food, beverages and tobacco 
    • Transport, travel and tourism 
    • Demographic information, data on income and expenditure of households, information on real estate and office space 
    • Key macroeconomic forecasts 
    • Notations on country risk and operational risk 
    • Competitiveness indices: the cost of labor and education 

    5-year industry forecasts and economic variables until 2030

    Only from the HEC Paris network (with no export)

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  • Elsevier e-books and Handbook of... collection

    - Elsevier

    Series of 180 digital books from Elsevier about:

    • Business, Management and Accounting
    • Decision Sciences
    • Economics, Econometrics and Finance
    • Law

    Contents Collection of digital books and documents titled Handbook of ... which consist of academic articles. 
    Areas Social sciences, health, physical sciences & engineering, life sciences. 
    Access Locally and remotely.

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  • Emerald

    - Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    Academic articles in Management Science from the Emerald Group

    Contents :

    - 150 journal titles in full text

    - Advances in.. . and Research in...  series

    Subject areas : Marketing, human resources, accounting, production management and quality management. 

    Coverage : From 1955

    Access : On-site and remote

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  • Encyclopédie Universalis

    - Universalis Encyclopaedia

    Encyclopedia on CD-Rom


    • 35,000 encyclopedic articles written by 7,500 specialists 
    • 10,000 photographs, 
    • 11,000 drawings, charts, diagrams and animations, 
    • 400 country maps of the World, 
    • dictionary definitions of over 120,000 words in the French language. 

    Access On-site only: CD-ROM installed on the first computer in the library.

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  • Entrepreneurial Studies Source

    - EBSCO

    Academic articles covering entrepreneurship


    - Articles on Entrepreneurship and SMEs from 125 reviews 

    - Chapters in Books - Conferences 

    - Collections of "Harvard Seminar Series" and "Vator TV" videos (To access, select the "More" menu and "Business Videos") 

    Subject areas 

    - Entrepreneurship 

    - SMEs 

    Technical Info : Access to mobile site 

    Tutorials and video support

    Access : On-site and remote 

    Other information : Access all of the EBSCO databases subscribed to by the HEC Paris Library

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  • Eurofidai

    - Eurofidai

    Market information


    - Stocks, indices, foreign exchange, mutual funds, securities transactions on European markets, Asia, Pacific and Middle East.
    - Ability to provide additional data and variables according to user needs
    - Calculate benchmarks "benchmark" (European, national and sectoral) and factorial indices and benchmark portfolios (based on size, book-to-market and momentum).

    Historical data from 1977 for France and 1986 for other countries

    Access Register on the site of EUROFIDAI.
    Validation by the library.

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  • Euromonitor GMID

    - Euromonitor

    Market research on consumer goods in the world

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  • Europresse

    - CDROM (SNi)

    Articles from French and foreign news press

    Full text articles from 3,500 titles French and foreign press.
    For example: Le Monde, Les Echos, the New York Times, The Economist.

    Technical Info
    Warning: only three simultaneous connections are permitted. (Other press/news resources are available, for example Factiva)

    User guide

    AccessOn-site and remote

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  • Eventus

    - Cowan Research LC

    Event reports and impact on the stock market

    Contents - Event Reports measuring the impact of a specific event on the value of the company and the response of the stock market. - Applications: Basic event study, fama-french basic, cross-sectional analysis, event parameter approach - CRSP  Data - Examples of events: 

    • Impact of mergers and acquisitions 
    • Impact of a split 
    • Impact following the publication by the company of its profits 
    • Impact of a change in the Board of Directors or the Executive 
    • Impact of a change in the economic or legal nature occurring in the business environment 

    Coverage From 1926 
    Access Requires prior registration from the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library Access to this platform is reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 (major) students at HEC Paris

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  • ExecuComp

    - Sandard and Poor’s

    Remuneration of U.S. company executives 

    - Remuneration of executive salaries, bonuses, stock options, bonuses, pensions and other remuneration. 
    - Data of annual procurement of companies
     2,872 active and inactive U.S. companies

    From 1992

    Requires prior registration to the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library (reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 students)
    The database is available in the Compustat Capital IQ dataset

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