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    - Lamy

    Official documentation of French and European Legislation 

    Doctrines, magazines , forms, official funds , state aid

    Subject areas
    Labor law, tax law, civil law , criminal law and procedure , business law , law of the intangible , real estate , local authorities and associations, environment and product regulation , transport and specialized duties.
    Official resources :

    • Jurisprudence française et européenne Conseil constitutionnel from 1958
    • Tribunal des conflits from 1964
    • Conseil d’Etat from 1984
    • Cour d’Appel from 1982
    • Cour de Justice des Communautés Européennes from 1954
    • Cour Européenne des Droits de l’Homme from 1960 etc…)
    • Autorités administratives (CNIL from 1979,  AMF from 1989, CSA from 1989 etct…)
    • Modes alternatifs de règlement des conflits (Association pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (FNIC) from 2011
    • Législation et règlementation françaises JO from 1955
    • 86 Codes, (variable selon les codes)
    • Bulletin des conventions collectives, (variable)
    • Réponses ministérielles from 1970
    • Bulletins Officiels (variable)
    • Textes communautaires et internationaux JO de l’Union Européenne from 1952
    • Traités et accords from 1539
    • Conventions fiscales et internationales from 1936

    Lamy funds and connections

    • 70 books in the fields of labor law, tax law, civil law , criminal law and procedure , business law , law of immaterial property law , local authorities and associations, environment and product regulation , transport and specialized duties.
    • 20 journal titles including Lamy ( Business Law and Competition Law ) , Quality Option , Cahiers du HRD, Environmental Law Bulletin, etc ...

    On-site and remote

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  • Legifrance

    - French Government

    Site for public broadcasting of French law

    Contents - Official Journal - Collective Agreements - Decisions of the Courts and Tribunals - Decisions of the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) - Standards issued by the European institutions - International Treaties and Agreements - French Constitution - Current version and earlier legislative and regulatory texts 
    Information regarding the update of content 
    Online Help / Research Guide 
    Access Site free access

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  • Les Echos Etudes (ex Eurostaf)

    - Les Echos Group

    Market studies from France

    Contents - A selection of about 80 studies in the following areas: - Food, automobile, construction, real estate, banking, insurance, beauty, consumer goods, strategic management, communication, media, distribution, defense, aeronautics, energy, environment, IT, electronics, logistics, transportation, luxury, fashion, management, consumption patterns, new trends, sectoral views, health pharmacy, health and medico-social services, tourism, leisure sport, ICT. 
    Coverage From 2005 Technical Info Studies can not be downloaded or printed
    Access On-site and remote
    Privacy policy - LES ECHOS collects data and keeps statistics on its visitors and their navigation on its website. If you want to access, modify and delete this data, please contact If you have any concern, please contact

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  • Lexis360 (Jurisclasseur)

    - LexisNexis

    French law

    Jurisprudence and legislation of French law. Legal information.

    • 86 official codes , 42000 laws and consolidated regulations, European regulations and 600 consolidated directives 
    • 2,000,000 judicial decisions (judgments made ​​available by the Supreme Court , courts of appeal , the State Council , the Court of Justice of the European Union, the General Court , the European Court of law of the man etc
    • Constitutional Council judgements since 1958
    • The Official Gazette, Acts and Decrees
    • European Source of Treaties , Law ( Official Journal of the European Union ) , Law
    • Encyclopedias : More than 60 collections , nearly 360 volumes JurisClasseur
    • 28 journals, 5 editions of The Legal Week ( JCPG , JCPE , JCPA , JCPS  )
    • Official Bulletins
    • 330 Collective Agreements
    • 180 references

    40 years of cases

    Official Journal
    From 1 January 1990: order , laws, decrees , orders, circulars , personal actions , decisions and deliberations from institutions or courtsFrom 1 January 2002, notices and communications

    Video tutorials / Online Help

    On-site and remote

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  • Luxury Goods - Passport

    - Euromonitor International

    Market studies on the worldwide luxury industry

    Contents - Qualitative Data and statistics on the luxury industry in 32 countries worldwide. - Analyses of markets, prospects, key figures, company profiles with SWOT analysis. - Ability to create alerts on a sector by creating an account - Function Dashboard: View data on a world map - The data is produced by the publisher from official statistical sources cited 
    Coverage From 2004.
    5 year forecasts
    Access: - Via the "Industries" tab of the Passport data base. - On campus and external

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