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Databases (Financial Data)

  • Eurofidai

    - Eurofidai

    Market information


    - Stocks, indices, foreign exchange, mutual funds, securities transactions on European markets, Asia, Pacific and Middle East.
    - Ability to provide additional data and variables according to user needs
    - Calculate benchmarks "benchmark" (European, national and sectoral) and factorial indices and benchmark portfolios (based on size, book-to-market and momentum).

    Historical data from 1977 for France and 1986 for other countries

    Access Register on the site of EUROFIDAI.
    Validation by the library.

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  • Eventus

    - Cowan Research LC

    Event reports and impact on the stock market

    Contents - Event Reports measuring the impact of a specific event on the value of the company and the response of the stock market. - Applications: Basic event study, fama-french basic, cross-sectional analysis, event parameter approach - CRSP  Data - Examples of events: 

    • Impact of mergers and acquisitions 
    • Impact of a split 
    • Impact following the publication by the company of its profits 
    • Impact of a change in the Board of Directors or the Executive 
    • Impact of a change in the economic or legal nature occurring in the business environment 

    Coverage From 1926 
    Access Requires prior registration from the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library Access to this platform is reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 (major) students at HEC Paris

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  • ExecuComp

    - Sandard and Poor’s

    Remuneration of U.S. company executives 

    - Remuneration of executive salaries, bonuses, stock options, bonuses, pensions and other remuneration. 
    - Data of annual procurement of companies
     2,872 active and inactive U.S. companies

    From 1992

    Requires prior registration to the WRDS website, which must then be validated by the library (reserved for professors, PhD students, specialized masters and M2 students)
    The database is available in the Compustat Capital IQ dataset

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