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Campus Student Clubs

HEC considers community life as one of the cornerstones of the education it provides. It develops a sense of responsibility, audacity and an enterprising mind. Belonging to one or more clubs and associations is an absolute must on the campus! It is the best way to make friends, meet company representatives, share ideas or hobbies with others, have fun and take part in an activity.


Student Societies

HEC Paris considers community life to be one of the cornerstones of the education it provides. There are over 100 societies on campus with which students can get involved, covering a wide range of different activities and interests. Here are just some of the things you can gain from student societies:

Leadership skills and Responsibilities:

By joining a society, you can develop your leadership and teamwork skills, some of the most important assets required in the world of work. These skills can be developed not only by taking on committee roles, but also by simply participating as a member. Membership is also an opportunity to show commitment and responsibility. Students can practice further skills in areas such as debating and consulting in some of HEC’s largest societies.

Networking Opportunities:

Many student societies create opportunities for members to meet company representatives and network with people from all over the world, forging relations with entrepreneurs and making important business connections with like-minded people. It is a great place to share ideas, be inspired by those around you and benefit from the input of others.

Social Life:

Aside from academic and career orientated benefits, joining one or more student societies can really enhance your social experience here on campus. Meet other people on your course and from other programs and make friends with whom who you can spend some downtime, both on and off campus. Enjoy various different events organized by the society such as parties, talks, activities and other social events. Many student societies even arrange trips to different cities and areas of France, giving you a chance to explore the French culture and the views that the country has to offer. If you are looking for something more relaxing, you can indulge in the luxury, wine tasting and gastronomy offered by HEC’s leisure societies and reward yourself with foodie events and even wine tasting competitions.

Culture and Intercultural:

HEC also boasts a great range of cultural societies that allow students to learn more about the diverse range of cultures here on campus and which provide a place to get involved in music, dance, drama, filmmaking and more.


HEC has an abundance of sports clubs to suit all kinds of interests, and they are a great way to meet other students. Throughout the year, students can get involved in regular training but also take part in international and inter-school events.

Whichever type of student society draws you in, the combination of community, leisure, and professional insight that you can gain can be extremely valuable in your future. Student societies provide the perfect environment for developing skills and assets that will be highly profitable in the world of work and key to building a successful career.

Big Events

International and Cultural

  • Arabic Society
  • Christian Union
  • HEC International Society
  • Israel Society
  • HEC Asia
  • HEC Italia
  • HEC Russia


  • Action for Benin
  • cHeer uP
  • Fleur de Bitume
  • France Nepal Solidarity
  • Good Morning Society
  • HEC 4 Refugees
  • HEC Sans Frontiers
  • Nicolas Campard Award
  • Rêve d'Enfance

Creative Arts

  • Back stage 
  • Arts Society
  • Dance Association
  • Drama Club
  • Making 
  • Music'Addict
  • Rock Music Association
  • Trois Lettres
  • Videcom
  • Grand Angle

Social and Special Interest

  • Bureau des Eleves
  • Chess Club
  • Gastronomic Society (Assauce)
  • Grand Cru
  • HEC Debating Club
  • HEC Street
  • HEC Terroirs
  • HEC United
  • Impro've
  • Luxury


  • Club Aviron (rowing)
  • Club Basket (Basketball)
  • Club Equitation (Horseriding)
  • Club Escrime (Fencing)
  • Club Foot (Football)
  • Club Golf
  • Club Hand (Handball)
  • Club Judo
  • Club Voile HEC (Sailing)
  • Fight Club
  • Foot HEC Filles
  • Rugby Club HEC
  • HE'Swim (Swimming)
  • Ski Club
  • Tennis Club HEC
  • Volley Club HEC (Volleyball)
  • Club Athlétisme (Athletics)

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