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Campus Student Clubs

HEC considers community life as one of the cornerstones of the education it provides. It develops a sense of responsibility, audacity and an enterprising mind. Belonging to one or more clubs and associations is an absolute must on the campus! It is the best way to make friends, meet company representatives, share ideas or hobbies with others, have fun and take part in an activity.


Student Societies

HEC Paris considers community life to be one of the cornerstones of the education it provides. There are over 100 societies on campus with which students can get involved, covering a wide range of different activities and interests. Here are just some of the things you can gain from student societies:

Leadership skills and Responsibilities:

By joining a society, you can develop your leadership and teamwork skills, some of the most important assets required in the world of work. These skills can be developed not only by taking on committee roles, but also by simply participating as a member. Membership is also an opportunity to show commitment and responsibility. Students can practice further skills in areas such as debating and consulting in some of HEC’s largest societies.

Networking Opportunities:

Many student societies create opportunities for members to meet company representatives and network with people from all over the world, forging relations with entrepreneurs and making important business connections with like-minded people. It is a great place to share ideas, be inspired by those around you and benefit from the input of others.

Social Life:

Aside from academic and career orientated benefits, joining one or more student societies can really enhance your social experience here on campus. Meet other people on your course and from other programs and make friends with whom who you can spend some downtime, both on and off campus. Enjoy various different events organized by the society such as parties, talks, activities and other social events. Many student societies even arrange trips to different cities and areas of France, giving you a chance to explore the French culture and the views that the country has to offer. If you are looking for something more relaxing, you can indulge in the luxury, wine tasting and gastronomy offered by HEC’s leisure societies and reward yourself with foodie events and even wine tasting competitions.

Culture and Intercultural:

HEC also boasts a great range of cultural societies that allow students to learn more about the diverse range of cultures here on campus and which provide a place to get involved in music, dance, drama, filmmaking and more.


HEC has an abundance of sports clubs to suit all kinds of interests, and they are a great way to meet other students. Throughout the year, students can get involved in regular training but also take part in international and inter-school events.

Whichever type of student society draws you in, the combination of community, leisure, and professional insight that you can gain can be extremely valuable in your future. Student societies provide the perfect environment for developing skills and assets that will be highly profitable in the world of work and key to building a successful career.


International Society

Created in 2007, the International Society has gained substantial support in a relatively short space of time. IS aims to promote the global dynamic of the school by encouraging friendly relations between French students and the students of the international community.

Today, it is HEC’s largest student-led organization with some 50 elected members involved in the organization of events such as welcome week, "Discover France" weekends, dinners, parties and various other on-campus events. The international society also helps international students to set up their own clubs and societies, with former examples including HEC seed, HEC Business Game and HEC Asia.

Read more about International Society.

HEC Students' Union (BDE)


Known as the BDE (Bureau des Élèves), the union is run by a team of students, who are annually elected. Its many activities include welcoming incoming students, organizing concerts, theater productions and other social events such as the famous HEC parties and the annual HEC Gala. It also publishes the campus magazine and coordinates the activities of the other clubs.

Junior Entreprise

The Junior Enterprise of HEC is the first of its kind in France. It makes hundreds of studies in various areas. The Junior Enterprise recruits students each year for diverse projects, such as interviews, translations and lots more...

Génération HEC

Representing over 1000 HEC Paris students (final year of Grande Ecole program, MS and MSc programs), Génération HEC is one of the biggest association on campus. Génération HEC's main goal is to create cohesion between all students in their final year at HEC, whatever their program and organize many events, which are organized all throughout the year (both festive and professional).

Christian Union

The Christian Union (CU) holds mass on Tuesday evenings. Here, students of all ages, from all program disciplines and from various countries come together. The Christian Union also offers the opportunity to meet with multiple high-quality speakers

Other highlights include the association’s activities: dinners on Tuesdays, reconciliation evenings, Christmas dinner, weekend away…

The Christian Union has its own property named ‘L’escargot’ where mass, dinners and conferences take place and also where the chaplain’s office can be found. Lastly, these premises are very much open to the broader student body: musicians can come to practice the piano and the kitchen is very often used by many associations on campus.   

Campus HEC is a platform for associations to express themselves to the campus

Duo Conseil X-HEC

This association gathers students from HEC and Polytechnique to take part in technical and managerial studies

Entrepreneurship Clubs


Start’HEC is the startup association. It familiarizes HEC Paris master’s students with entrepreneurship and shares the available resources in order to maximize the success rate of student entrepreneurs.

This society, created in September 2015, is made up of a diverse team of 30 students. Start’HEC works in close collaboration with HEC incubator, HEC’s entrepreneurship hub and the HEC Alumni’s entrepreneurial association, but also with ‘Start’, the entrepreneurship society in Saclay, student associations from X, Mines, Centrale, 42 as well as the MBA’s entrepreneurship club. 

Start’HEC organizes multiple events:

  • Saclay Pitch Nights, uniting the Saclay Campus around a pitching exercise
  • Themed workshops which take place on commercial premises
  • A collection of series: creativity talks    

HEC Seed

HEC Seed is THE day dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation on HEC’s campus.

Organized by a team of students from the Grande Ecole and MBA programs, this event aims to bring together all students who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

Participants are able to exchange with multiple startups, attend workshops led by entrepreneurs and meet students from all backgrounds (engineers, coders, business developers, designers, etc.).

The 2016 edition will be held on April 2nd, from 9am to 7pm. The event will welcome 350 participants, of which 100 are entrepreneurs and 250 are students. The latter will be able to participate in over 20 interactive workshops with varying themes. The day will conclude with a pitch competition. 

Nicolas Campard Award

Read more about the society here

Big Events

Students run Career Fair


The HEC Career Fair "Carrefours HEC" is an opportunity for students to meet a wide range of enterprises which propose diverse job opportunities and internships every year.

HEC Business Game

Click here to find out more about the society.

The HEC Business Game (HBG) is a 2-day case competition hosted on the HEC campus. Since 2014, the event has brought around 150 students from Europe’s top schools together each year to participate in the challenge, which is organized around 5 case studies presented by corporate partners. In just a few hours, participants are expected to present their findings and defend the recommendations they make. Students are invited to practice a very diverse set of skills such as Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Negotiation, Strategy, Innovation, etc.

In addition to the rewarding experience for the participants and the partners, the HBG has demonstrated how the event can be the starting point of successful career matches between participating students and companies thanks to interaction with the corporate world. 2017 partners of the HEC Business Game included: Bain &Company, Schneider Electric, Earlybird Venture Capital, Gameloft, Klépierre and IBM.

HEC Business Game Website:
HEC Business Game Facebook page
Read an article about 2017 edition

HEC Gala


The Gala HEC is the most prestigious event of the year. It takes place in a luxurious place in Paris.

Jump HEC


Jump HEC organises a showjumping competition each year on campus for both those at a national professional level and an amateur level.

Le Zinc

Le Zinc is a lively and welcoming place where students can relax and get to know students from other yeargroups.


HEC Arabic society

 HEC’s Arabic society is open to everyone and holds different events and conferences on Arabic culture. HECMA therefore encourages diversity, but is often seen as one of the most festive societies on campus because of the number of events it organizes, where the lovers of Arabic food are delighted. Besides that, the society plans a yearly excursion to the Arabian lights in one of the Arabic countries.

HEC Israël

This association was designed to enable students on campus to discover Israel through various events held right throughout the academic year: photo exhibitions, screenings of Israeli movies, cookery evenings and conferences with renowned speakers. The events organized are normally carried out in collaboration with other associations on campus like HEC’s Arabic society, for example. 

The association also organizes a trip to explore Israel in spring with societies from other business schools. The itinerary for this stay includes: visits to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv; but also to the Dead Sea, and the Negev desert…


Good Morning Vietnam

Microcredit is Good Morning Vietnam's main activity. The association helps Vietnamese entrepreneurs who are not included in the traditional banking system to develop their own projects in different fields (agriculture, trade...)

Fleur de Bitume


Fleur de Bitume acts within the framework of equal opportunity programs, developed by HEC Paris. Made up of 70 members, the association provides assistance to young people from humble backgrounds through 3 programs:

  • The PACE program which offers a tutoring plan and cultural activities aimed at High School students from Mantes and Mureaux.
  • The PREP program which provides help with preparatory tests to scholarship students from ECE and ECT classes in Noisy le Sec and Vanves.  
  • The college program – a new initiative lead in partnership with a socio-educational association from Trappes which offers schooling support and socio-educational projects.    

cHeer uP

cHeer uP! is the only humanitarian association that is devoted to youngsters from 15 to 29 who suffer from cancer. They visit them in hospitals and help them to achieve any project they would love to fight for, despite the disease.

France Nepal Solidarity

The aim of this association is to make Nepali people take charge of their development: building new schools in villages, giving birth to microcredit groups and little companies, helping others to grow, helping people to improve their standard of living.

Rêve d'Enfance


Founded in October 2001, it is without a doubt the association which has managed to fulfil its wildest dream: to take children suffering from leukemia or cancer on a 10-day cruise around Corsica. Twice a week, the members of Rêve d'Enfance visit sick children in hospital.

Creative Arts

Arts Society

Click here to find out  more about the society
The BDA is the Festiv'art above all: the cultural event of the campus! An entire week dedicated to the Arts in all their forms: classical music, danse, theatre, painting and dinners. The BDA is also a cultural magazine, "les Aff'culs ", in collaboration with the BDE.

Rock Music Association


 Assrock is one of the biggest music society on campus, with around 60 fee-paying members joining each year. Founded in 2000, the society aims to bring all musicians on campus together, united by the same passion, and to provide them with the best facilities to practice their talents.
 Assrock offers a fully equipped rehearsal space (sound deck, amplifiers, drums, keyboard, and microphones) and a number of concerts for its members to attend: BDA arts café, concerts held in the university bar, “jam sessions” on Wednesday nights, the HEC Gala.
 It is also a place to meet up and share with each other, where people of many different nationalities and backgrounds become friends and meet up to play music together. 


Music’Addict is a club for anyone and everyone who loves music. Whether you’re a beginner, experienced or advanced, musicians of all levels are welcome. As well as lessons in piano, guitar, violin or drums, singing lessons are now offered along with master classes.

Fresh ideas are welcome, for example, a glee club was recently created. All are invited to the concerts and the opening ceremony concert currently being organized by the society. Local events are also being arranged in Jouy-En-Josas. 

Trois Lettres

Trois Lettres is designed to stimulate students’ imagination and creativity, all in good spirits. The association regularly publishes book reviews in which students are placed in the spotlight. Each review follows a theme which guides the submissions. Besides these publications, Trois lettres is involved in the Book'Inner project in collaboration with other Grandes Ecoles: each school writes a chapter of a novel which is then issued by a publisher. Trois Lettres is responsible for writing the final chapter. 



Backstage is the ‘musical’ society at HEC. Boasting 15 years of existence, Backstage is now a group consisting of 28 members spread between dance, music and singing that come together once a year to produce an A to Z show: with participants adapting the choreography and the decoration of the stage. After regular intense rehearsals throughout the year, the group performs twice on campus and once on stage in a Parisian theatre!

The society also performs in different competitions every year: GEM Musical Contest, in which they were awarded the bronze medal last year by competing with other business schools; ‘La Rouen Battle of Style’ organized by Neoma business school; as well as competitions organized by businesses rewarding the most dynamic, creative and daring associations.   

Drama Club


"Double Jeu" is the HEC Drama Club. Double Jeu organizes a weekly lesson with a professional teacher, many plays throughout the year, and drama week-ends all over France.

Dance Association

Since 1994, Extravadanse has existed to bring HEC students together to learn and practice the art of dancing. The club offers regular dance lessons (Salsa, Tango, Kizomba, Rock, Zumba, West Coast Swing) and hosts themed parties, discovery courses (Western dance, Bollywood…), dance trips and events organized with other schools to foster a friendly, cultural community.  

Wide Angle

Wide Angle "Grand Angle" is the photography association of HEC.

Making Of

The aim of Making Of is to help students to get in touch with Film and TV professionals: frantic conferences, tours of headquarters and movie sets...


This is the video association of HEC. It allows everyone to direct or make sketchshows, reports or even short or long movies. It is also responsible for the video cassette offered to each student at the end of their studies.


HEC United

HEC United aims to highlight the diverse, worldwide network of HEC alumni by travelling to different countries and interviewing as many alumni as possible about their experiences and the development of their career, post HEC. By sharing their progress, they can inspire current students, showing the great range of possibilities that await them.

Two HEC students set up HEC United in 2015 and since then they have done 60 interviews in 18 different countries, handing the project over to two more students in 2017. After receiving professional training from a journalist on video editing, and with the help of fundraisers and sponsors, they began their 6-month journey in January 2017. Each interview is published on their YouTube channel so that the successful career paths of HEC alumni can inspire students across the world.

Some videos made by HEC United: 


This association allows you to get to know the luxury sector.

Gastronomic Society

The Gastronomic Society "L'Assauce" organizes events on the theme of food, such as the chocolate day, international dinner, picnics, tasting contests, etc. This association also provides the names of good and reasonably priced restaurants.

Grand Cru

Grand Cru proposes throughout the year, tastings to novices and experts alike of the best wines from France and the New World. This year, Grand Cru won the biggest student tasting competition.

HEC Microsystèmes

HEC Microsystèmes is the IT and Computer association. Among services offered are printers, scanner, Internet, computer courses, and online games.


HEC Finance Society

HEC Finance Society (HEC Bourse) is dedicated to students interested in economics, market finance, or corporate finance. Through the year the society organizes events such as conferences with economists, networking sessions with bankers - a recruitmenttrip to London - and an investment competition.

Chinese Business Society

Click here to find out more about the society.

HEC Debating Society


HEC Debating Society (HEC Débats) wants to let students speak and to allow them to discuss with economic, politic or cultural leaders. Conferences intend to engage, with a neutral point of view, a lively, well argued and constructive debate, which stems from the meeting between young people and experienced ones.

Contre-Courant (political society)

Contre-Courant is a political society where all the left-wing sensibilities meet up every Monday. This society defines itself by the fact that it is open to debating.

HEC Private Equity Club

The HEC Private Equity Club’s mission is to provide the missing link between HEC master students and Private Equity funds. To achieve this goal, the club organizes panel discussions, LBO case studies, modelling workshops and conferences with Private Equity professionals throughout the academic year.
The HEC Private Equity Club closely cooperates with HEC MBA Private Equity Club and the HEC Alumni “Banque d'Affaires et Capital investissement” group.

HEC Consulting Club

HEC consulting is a new society that exists to help students interested in pursuing a career in consulting. The club organizes case study sessions on the campus as well as conferences and meetings with large consulting firms (Bain, McKinsey, BCG ...)


Founded in 2009, ESP’R is the entrepreneurial, social, and collective organization at HEC. It is split into 3 main hubs: The ‘fact’ program, an elective at HEC: ESP’R brings students and young businessmen and women together to give students an insight into their work and to allow startups to benefit from the expertise of the HEC network.
The second hub is the events forum: Events are organized throughout the year by stakeholders (fundraisers, social entrepreneurship events, climate events). ESP’R also facilitates a number of conferences throughout the academic year.
In 2014/2015, the club's members enjoyed numerous CSR conventions with a wide variety of businesses and individuals. L’Oreal, NGOs and companies from the Philippines all took part in such events.   

Hémisphère Droit (political society)

Droite Ligne is a political group which promotes conservative ideas.

Energy Club

Oil, Gas, Electricity, Carbon Finance, Nuclear Power and Renewable are the core issues of today's worries. The HEC Energy Club offers the opportunity to organize conferences with majors actors from this sector, to enter the network of professionals, to write articles about current and future energetic challenges, and as well to be the link between international companies such as TOTAL, GDF-Suez, AREVA... and the campus.

HEC Model United Nations

"HEC Model United Nations" is the association that gives you the unique opportunity to learn the art of negociating, meet diplomats from all around the world, take part in Model United Nations in France, in Europe and USA


  • Club Aviron (rowing)
  • Club Basket (Basketball)
  • Club Equitation (Horseriding)
  • Club Escrime (Fencing)
  • Club Foot (Football)
  • Club Golf
  • Club Hand (Handball)
  • Club Judo
  • Club Voile HEC (Sailing)
  • Fight Club
  • Foot HEC Filles
  • Rugby Club HEC
  • HE'Swim (Swimming)
  • Ski Club
  • Tennis Club HEC
  • Volley Club HEC (Volleyball)
  • Club Athlétisme (Athletics)

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