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Chinese Business Society


HEC Chinese Business Society is a culturally diverse team, which believes it is important to create business and networking connections between HEC students and influential companies with activities in both China and Europe, especially France.

Chinese Business Day
Chinese Business Day 2
HEC CHhnese Business Day
HEC CHinese Business Day 2

The Mission:

  • Bring together a variety of influential companies, both Chinese and European, who are looking to network not only with each other but also with HEC students themselves.
  • Provide a connection to Chinese business on campus, something that was not previously present.
  • Gather two types of companies on the HEC campus:

- French companies which also have activities in China

- Chinese companies which are developing activities in Europe, more particularly in France.

Key Events:

  • Chinese Business Day (March)

This is the main event of the year. All the members have a role to play in the organization, which starts in September, and get in contact with various companies to invite them to campus for a discussion on Franco-Chinese Business. There is then a career fair with the company representatives where students have the chance to network and learn more about the opportunities available to them.

  • There are also other smaller events throughout the event.

Why join this society? :

  • Contribute to the organization of a unique event on campus, which gives HEC students the chance to network with influential companies who have connections across the world.
  • Strengthen skills such as project management, communication, financial management, and leadership, all of which can help in building a successful career.
  • Give HEC students a unique insight into the world of Chinese Business, something that those based in Europe often leave unexplored.
  • China is becoming ever more important in the business sector and Chinese Business Day allows students to get an understanding of the possibilities of internships or jobs that are available to them out there.
  • Work with influential businesses and create your own connections.


  • Around 10 members each year
  • The team is an ever more international group, with members from France, Austria, China and more.
  •  Members also come from a range of programs at HEC, providing a wider spectrum of specializations and interests.

The Current Committee:

President - Rémi Kondjoyan

Vice-President- João Gabriel Lima

Communications - David Sprenger, Yue Wu, Yu Qing

Treasurer - Pierre Béchon

Logistics - Rémi Kondjoyan, João Gabriel Lima, Pierre Béchon 

Relations (Career Centre and other Societies) - Rémi Kondjoyan, Gabriel Lima, Pierre Béchon

Solicitation - Rémi Kondjoyan, Pierre Béchon, Yue Wu, Yu Qian, Antoine Sarrazin, Kelly Verny

The Society’s History:

Founded in 2015, the Chinese Business Society is relatively new to HEC Paris, but each year Chinese Business Day is more successful than the last and the committee grows in number and diversity. It was founded by student Maryline Zheng, who realized that there was a lack of societies that captured the spirit of Chinese culture and business. She saw this as a loss but also a great opportunity to create her own society from which all kinds of students could benefit.

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