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Grand Angle


 If you are passionate about photography or just eager to learn more, then joining Grand Angle is a must. It is a great opportunity for both amateur and experienced photographers to learn more from each other and share ideas about the art.

The Mission:

  • Grand Angle aims to promote and encourage photography as an art.
  • The society organises several workshops on the basics of photography, how to use a camera and on how to use the editing software, LightRoom.
  • The members also take photos for the HEC students to provide them with a smart portrait for documents like their LinkedIn profiles and CVs.

Key Events:

  • This year, the society has organised an exhibition with the mayor of Palaiseau, which will run from 15th June until the end of July.
  • At the beginning of every year, the society takes photos for HEC students’ CVs and LinkedIn profiles for a small fee.
  • Members also go on trips to Paris and other places in France e.g. Giverny, to take photos of the house and gardens of the famous painter, Monet.

Why join this society? :

  • Grand Angle is the perfect society for students who are passionate about photography. Here students can benefit from a variety of workshops organised- and often led- by other members.
  • Even beginners in photography, or those with no experience, are welcome. There is always an opportunity to do something new and learn from those around you.
  • Gain experience in photography at important events on campus, working for other societies such as HEC Débats, and by expressing yourself through your own style.


  • There are around 20 members each year, with 7 or 8 taking on roles as workshop leaders or other organisational roles.
  • Members range from absolute beginners to experienced photographers.

 The Current Committee:

President - Manon Chalard

The society does not have a set office as members all participate in several aspects of the society.


The society takes between 200 and 250 students’ photos each year, making around €1000 from this alone. They have also been in charge of photography at events such as the HEC Carrefours and HEC Débats conferences. With this in mind, Grand Angle makes around €2000/year.

The Society’s History:

Created in 1991, Grand Angle is one of the older societies at HEC. In the past few years, it has seen a great surge in activity as more students get involved and discover the art of photography.