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Nicolas Campard Award


The Prix Nicolas Campard (Nicolas Campard Award) is an exterior association run by HEC alumni and friends of the late Nicolas Campard. The association aims to encourage current student societies to harness their entrepreneurial spirit by submitting projects for the chance to receive the award.

The Mission:

  • The objective of the Prix Nicolas Campard is to encourage entrepreneurial projects within student societies at HEC and to facilitate the realization of these projects. 
  • The association chooses one student society each year, to reward their efforts. They are looking for entrepreneurial, creative, and daring projects that really get students involved.
  • Student societies on campus can submit their projects to the Prix Nicolas Campard for the chance to win €3000.

Key Events:

  • Each year student societies submit their projects to the Prix Nicolas Campard for the chance to win €3000.
  • This year marks 10 years since the foundation of the Prix Nicolas Campard association so they have decided to give two prizes. One Nicolas Campard prize of €3000 and one Prix du Cœur prize of €2000.

Why Le Prix Nicolas Campard?

  • By submitting their projects to the association, student societies can benefit from a prize of €3000
  • Besides the prize money, participants can also gain wider recognition for their efforts and the projects they carry out.

The Team:

Élise Guigou 
Perrine Doumen
Olivier Cheret
Antoine FINE
Matthieu Babinet
Anne-Sophie Dulong
Aigue-Marine de Jarnac
Lin Rachet
Mathilde Lamazère
Xavier de Jarnac
Aurelien Valance
Florian Bonnasse
Stéphane Dulong
Christopher McLoughlin
Laure Chatillon
Bastien Guelton
Charlette Bouix
Régis de Boisé
Pauline Desportes
Jean Chatillon 
Maxime Faguer
Grégoire Silly
Geoffroy Guigou
Camille Bonnasse
Constance Baudeau
Marie-Sophie Kieffer
Eun Joseph
Christel Babinet
Stéphane Delgrange
Leonard Wapler


Former HEC student Donald Bryden (H74) has supported the Prix Nicolas Campard, as well as a number of friends and relatives of Nicolas Campard, and H03 alumni.

The Association’s History:

The Prix Nicolas Campard is an association that was put together by former HEC students from the 2003 year-group, as a means of remembering their fellow student, Nicolas Campard, who died in 2008. Nicolas always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was very involved in the student societies; he created the HEC Caribbean Cruise, was involved with the Golf Society, and participated in the Bureau Des Elèves. He died in an accident in 2008 and so his friends, family and some former HEC students with whom he worked at the time, wanted to create something to commemorate Nicolas, something that resembled his character. It is from there that the idea for the Prix Nicolas Campard arose, encouraging current students to take pride in their entrepreneurial spirit and truly benefit from the projects that they pursue.