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Campus The Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center is a multimedia facility open to all students, dedicated to the learning and practicing of languages. A unique, devoted space on campus, the Language Resource Center  provides high-quality materials and resources with a wide range of activities offered to suit all needs.


Whether it be to supplement language courses, to prepare for an exam, discover a culture or improve business vocabulary, the Language Resource Center is equipped to put a wide variety of resources at the disposal of all students. Students can benefit from individually-tailored advice and support, allowing them to progress in their speaking abilities at their own pace and in the best possible conditions.

The Language Resource Center is open 50 hours each week for students to drop-in with no need to make an appointment.

The Language Resource Center is available to provide:

  • 850 DVDs available in 17 languages
  • 300 CD/DVD-ROMs and Audio CDs in 23 languages
  • 850 Language method text books (for language exam preparations, assessment tests, business languages, grammar, etc.) covering 24 languages.

The Language Resource Center is located in the L Building (just above the Medical Center) and is open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 8 pm.

During the HEC Summer School, the Language Resource Center is open Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 9 pm. 

With regular visits to the Language Resource Center, students can substantially improve their listening and written comprehension, their grammar and vocabulary skills – and much more - thanks to the additional activities and services available.

For more information, visit the Language Resource Center’s website and follow the Language Resource Center on


Speakeasy (conversation)

The L.R.C. provides the opportunity to participate in conversation sessions to speak about subjects such as leisure, hobbies or current affairs in the language that is being learnt. These sessions guarantee improvement in confidence of expression.

Speakeasy Sessions are conducted in groups of up to 8 people. They are led by a native speaker of the designated language who welcomes discussions on a wide variety of topics. Help with grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions is given at the end of each session.

Speakeasy Sessions are aimed at a people of an Intermediate level (B1/B2) up to Advanced level (B2/C1), taking place in the Speakeasy room (near the Language Resource Center).

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e-CV Clinic (CV proofreading service)

In collaboration with the Career Service, the Language Resource Center offers proofreading of any application documents in English, French and other languages.

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One-2-One (language exchange program)

Thanks to this brand-new interface, students can practice their French and English, revise their German, learn Chinese or discover Portuguese with students coming from the world’s most prestigious universities like Wharton, Mannheim, Fudan or Getulio Vargas.

Two persons of different mother tongues commit themselves to meeting on a regular basis to help each other improve their foreign language.

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TOEFL® Prep’ (TOEFL® training)

To maximize success in the TOEFL® exam, the Language Resource Center offers help preparing with the assistance of an experienced English reader available to small groups of students.

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