M2M HEC - FGV Program details


The students in the M2M HEC Paris / FGV EAESP spend their first year at HEC Paris and second year at FGV.

In addition to completing coursework at each institution in which they enroll, M2M students participate in cross-school programs that build relationships across the M2M cohort and strengthen global business skills. These programs include virtual teamwork and collaborative exercises as well as discussion of issues of worldwide import with experts convened by the participating schools.

Y1: Acquire strong knowledge in Management and grow your leadership skills at HEC Paris

Examples of Electives

Finance, Economics

International Business

HR, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development



Electives taught in French

Y2: Develop your skills in Management and Sustainability with a sharp awareness of BRIC Countries at FGV

The second year at FGV/EAESP gives access to the Master in International Management (Mestrado Profissional em Gestão Internacional). Students will sharpen their understanding of management and business applied to BRIC countries and emerging markets, as part of a globalized world. They acquire the necessary skills to succeed in international companies in Latin America and beyond.

Mandatory core courses

  • Applied Research Methodology 
  • Global Management Practice 
  • Strategy in an International Perspective 

Elective courses

  • Low Income Population and Social Entrepreneurship 
  • BRIC and the International Economy 
  • Ethical Issues in Business and Society 
  • New Trends in Supply Chain Management 
  • Fundamentals of Investments 
  • Marketing and Social Media 
  • Global Management Practice 
  • Foreign Exchange Markets 
  • Human Capital in a Global World 
  • Microfinance and finance inclusion 
  • Retailing in the Multichannel Environment 
  • Business Laws in BRIC Countries 
  • Consumer Behavior and Research 
  • Marketing for Emerging Markets 
  • Leadership and its Hidden Components 
  • Collaborative Innovation & Competitiveness in Global Economies 
  • International Corporate Finance 
  • Living the Entrepreneurial Challenge 
  • International Economics for Emerging Markets 
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 
  • Political Strategies of Multinational Companies 
  • Marketing Analytics 
  • Corporate Risk Management 
  • Internationalization of Emerging Countries Multinationals 
  • Brazilian Economy 
  • Brazilian Business Laws. A Comparative Approach 
  • Development and Sustainability 

* All courses last 30 hours.