M2M HEC - Yale Program details


The students in the M2M HEC Paris / Yale SOM spend their first year at HEC Paris and second year at Yale.

In addition to completing coursework at each institution in which they enroll, M2M students participate in cross-school programs that build relationships across the M2M cohort and strengthen global business skills. These programs include virtual teamwork and collaborative exercises as well as discussion of issues of worldwide import with experts convened by the participating schools.

Y1: Acquire strong knowledge in Management and grow your leadership skills at HEC Paris

Examples of Electives

Finance, Economics

International Business

HR, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development



Electives taught in French

Y2: Develop a global expertise in Business and Society at Yale

The second year at Yale gives access to the Yale School of Management Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Global Business and Society.

The MMS-GBS curriculum stresses advanced analytics with a focus on global management challenges, with wide customization opportunities for students. The curriculum consists of 60% required units (courses selected by students from a list of options) and 40% elective units from Yale SOM and Yale University (with at least 20% Yale University courses).

Required Courses

Required courses (14 units total, chosen from the selection of 20 units)

Elective courses (16 units total)

  • Global Business & Society Perspectives (4 units)
  • Global Leadership: Increasing Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness (2 units)
  • Managing Social Enterprises
  • Digital Strategy
  • Technology & Global Strategy
  • The Future of Global Finance
  • Managerial Controls
  • Business Ethics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Policy Modeling
  • Mastering Influence & Persuasion
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • 8 units at Yale SOM
  • 8 units at Yale University

At Yale SOM, courses generally meet 2 hours, 40 minutes each week. They either meet for 7 weeks (2 units) or 13 weeks (4 units).4 units = 34 hours 40 minutes total2 units  = 17 hours 20 minutes total

The GBS curriculum is subject to final faculty approval and may change from time to time.

The GBS curriculum is subject to final faculty approval and may change from time to time.