MSc Data Science for Business: Joint Degree with Ecole Polytechnique Campuses

Students enrolled in the program can benefit from both HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique top of the range infrastructures and enjoy an enriching student life. They have the opportunity to join the many student associations and make the most of excellent sports facilities available at HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique.

For more information on HEC Paris Campus Life visit: HEC Paris Campus life. 
For more information on Ecole Polytechnique Campus visit: Ecole Polytechnique Campus life.

Accommodation and Cafeterias

Students from the MSc Data Science for Business have access to accommodation at Ecole Polytechnique during the MSc 1 year, and at HEC Paris during the MSc 2 year. 

  • There are around 1500 student rooms available on Ecole Polytechnique’s campus. It also offers students 1 restaurant and 1 cafeteria.
  • At its disposal, HEC Paris has around 1500 bedrooms and 36 apartments spread out over 10 buildings. HEC Paris also offers 3 restaurants and 2 cafeterias.   

The Paris Saclay Cluster

HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique are founding members of Université Paris-Saclay.

Paris Saclay is a leading innovative cluster, devoted to academic and scientific excellence. It is made up of a unique selection of 19 independent higher-education institutions and 7 research bodies. The world ranking established by the MIT Technology Review (World Innovation Cluster) places Paris Saclay among the top 8 "innovation clusters."