Master in Management & Innovation - Double Degree with TUM Program Details


The students in the Master in Management & Innovation spend their first year at HEC Paris and second year at TUM. The curriculum includes classes and internships, as well as the preparation of the Master’s Thesis (*either at TUM School of Management or HEC Paris).

All courses are given in English, however, French and German language courses are offered at both Institutions.

The M1 year at HEC Paris is dedicated to General Management while the M2 year at TUM focuses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. 

M1 at HEC Paris

Examples of Electives

Finance, Economics

International Business

HR, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development



Electives taught in French

M2 at TUM

  • Technological Trends
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Personal & Leadership Development
  • Business Models
  • Project Work