Master in Management & Public Affairs - Double Degree with MGIMO Program Details

Master in Management and Business Law Double Degree with MGIMO HEC Paris Program details

Students spend their first year at HEC Paris and second year at MGIMO University. The total workload of the program is 120 ECTS credits, including classes and internships, as well as preparation of the Master’s Thesis.  All courses are delivered in English, however, French and Russian language courses are offered at both Institutions.

  • Year 1 at HEC Paris: Core courses in Management
  • Year 2 at MGIMO: Either a Management Track or an International Relations Track can be chosen.

M1 at HEC Paris

M1 Core Courses

Examples of M1 Electives

Finance, Economics

International Business

HR, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development




Core Courses

  • Applied international political analysis
  • Contemporary network diplomacy: theory and practice
  • Contemporary Russian FP strategy
  • Core aspects of Russian companies management
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial markets of Eurasian countries
  • French language (professional)
  • Great Powers and Regional Subsystems in World Politics
  • Innovation and sales management
  • International Organizations and Corporate Sector
  • Megatrends and major global issues
  • Modern management highlights:
    - Macro and micro trends
    - Intellectual property
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Communication skills and companies development
    - Technologies transfer and commercialization
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Russian Language
  • Theory of organization and Organizational behavior
  • WTO and Global Trading System

Elective Courses

Management Track

  • Internet-marketing
  • Marketing strategies of foreign companies (Russian market case)
  • Great Powers and Regional Subsystems in World Politics
  • Migration processes management
  • Contemporary Russian FP strategy
  • Megatrends and major global issues
  • International organizations
  • Public-Private partnership

International Relations Track

  • Internet-marketing
  • Intellectual property
  • Marketing strategies of foreign companies (Russian market case)
  • Communication skills and companies development
  • Migration processes management
  • Technologies transfer and commercialization
  • Corporate governance
  • Sales management

Academic Team

Message from the Deans

Message from Bernard Ramanantsoa, Former Dean of HEC Paris

For over 130 years, HEC Paris has aimed to train future leaders of tomorrow in responsible and informed management, with continual devotion to academic and educational excellence.
In a globalized world, where ‘universal’ has become a stronger reference than ‘cultural’, HEC Paris has chosen to combine best academic institutions worldwide to deliver highly selective and multicultural Double Degree programs open to the world and to transnational issues in order to offer the best training in Management to both French and International students, in search of academic excellence and a full understanding of the issues of our time.

The Institute of Political Studies in Moscow, the prestigious MGIMO, is in this sense, a great partner for HEC Paris, a reference institution in Russia and abroad, both in areas of Management and Political Sciences.
I am therefore very happy and proud to inaugurate this program in Management and International Relations, together in partnership with HEC Paris and MGIMO; a program which allows the students of our two countries, a year on campus at HEC Paris and a year in Moscow, to be trained in the issues of transnational economics at the heart of which a thorough understanding of international political issues is an absolute necessity and to receive two Master diplomas fully recognized in both countries.

So, I have one thing to say to prospective students of this program: be daring. Choose this Franco-Russian adventure and you will choose a truly unique experience. Though it will be demanding, you will spend 2 years in a great intellectual richness, which will open all doors for you for the finest international careers.

Message from Anatoly Torkunov, Rector of MGIMO University

It is my upmost pleasure to present to you an innovative Program launched jointly by MGIMO-University and HEC Paris. This partnership of two global leaders in international and business studies has produced an educational product of unparalleled quality; one which is constructed to enlighten and inspire the new generation of global business leaders.

The secret of a successful Program of top-class quality is simple. It involves enrolling the most able and motivated applicants, attracting the most challenging and inspiring professors and providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for them to fulfil their potential. “Corporate Governance and International Network Diplomacy” embodies all three essential components and opens up wide opportunities for its graduates.

Not only have MGIMO and HEC developed an integrated curriculum aimed at equipping students with all the necessary skills for the current globalized world: we also provide a challenging and competitive environment, which helps bring out the best throughout the whole period of study.

The wide network of partnerships and leading corporations cultivated by both schools gives students an unprecedented opportunity to secure the most sought out internships and to start out successful careers in transnational business. The rest depends on them, their hard work, creativity and motivation.

MGIMO is proud to be part of this unique academic partnership. Our exceptional academic record and our long-running successful experience of international programs enable us to ensure academic excellence, fulfilling extra-curricular activities and a dynamic student life. This program also offers students the unique opportunity of spending a year in Moscow and partaking in the cultural life of one of the most vibrant and dynamic global cities.

We are looking forward to welcoming our prospective students and to providing them with all the necessary guidance and assistance. We believe that the time they spend within our walls will become a life-long memory.